Terms of service

Please make sure to make yourself familiar with my Terms of Service first
before commissioning me. If anything is unclear do not hesitate to ask.

Prices are in USDI accept payment only via PayPal. All payments are made upfront.Payments are to be sent as ‘Digital Goods & Services’ as Paypal provides Buyer Protection.Full refunds are given only before I begin the work, after that I only provide partial refunds.

Commission usage

I reserve all rights to the commission as an illustration, and may post the artwork for my personal portfolio or social media accounts. If you like your commission to stay private please tell me beforehand and I won't share it publicly.As client you are permitted to post your commissioned artwork with proper credit, or edit the artwork for personal usage (as banner, icon, ect)Commissioned artworks are for personal usage only, unless we’ve discussed otherwise.It's possible to commission illustrations for commercial usage (games, prints, merchandise, ect), these come at a different rate than the regular commissions. Feel free to ask for more details if interested.


Commission openings will be announced on my twitter accountI'm not accepting commission inquiries outside of an commission openingCommission forms will open via google docs, those will stay open for around 1-3 daysOnly those whose commission I have accepted will be contacted, please keep your dms open to make sure I'm able to contact you regarding your commissionSlots can't be reserved, I don't have a waitlistI will provide 1x WIP for approval, showing the lineart and finished background. Changes to background, pose and details are possible during that stage.If there's a need to change/ rearrange details I will provide another WIP to ensure that everything had been changed to your liking before I start with the coloring.


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